Welcome to East Chinnock
Rector of the Coker Ridge Benefice:
Reverend Colin Simpson   

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1st Sunday
09.15Holy Communion (Common Worship)
2nd Sunday 
Evensong (BCP)
3rd Sunday 
Family Service 
4th Sunday08.00Holy Communion (BCP)
5th Sunday  
Combined Benefice Service
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Happy New Year from the Rector,

Reverend Colin Simpson

As I write we are yet to have Christmas, in fact, I have barely done any shopping and only taken one Christingle service, so writing about what happens next in the church’s calendar does seem a little odd, though it is just a product of copy deadlines.

After Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, you may think that things quieten down for a while, but they do not.   Christmas in the church lasts another four weeks with the first major celebration of the new calendar year coming on 6th January, when we mark The Epiphany of our Lord.   You know it well, indeed will have sung about the Three Kings, perhaps even thought that surely they could have brought some more useful gifts than gold, frankincense and myrrh!


The word epiphany means “revelation”, and these odd gifts are part of that, revealing in that odd story that Jesus is King, God and sacrifice all wrapped up into one, the gift that really does keep on giving.


February will see me complete a full year as your Rector (parish priest or vicar if you prefer) and also mark the beginning of a new phase in the lives of your churches.   We, together with our Bishops, are keen to understand what is most important for us to be doing in service to this part of God’s world and for His people who live here, and part of this will be asking you what you think.   Look out for our open-days in the late spring and early summer where you will be invited to meet with us and tell us what you need from us, but I also invite you to contact me directly, or to complete a short survey to provide similar information.   Please let us know so that over time we can become the church that you and God would have us be.


Fr. Colin

Rector of the Coker Ridge Benefice

Closworth, East Chinnock, East Coker, Hardington, Pendomer, Sutton Bingham and West Coker.

(email: rector42@icloud.com)