Welcome to East Chinnock
East Chinnock Community Speed Watch

More Volunteers Always Welcome! 

Messages of support for the Community Speed Watch

“I fully support the work that the volunteers from the village are doing and hopefully their presence will have a permanent effect on speeding traffic over a period of time”.
Cathy Bakewell – County Councillor

"This is an excellent initiative, which will help to make all of us think carefully before driving too fast through villages such as East Chinnock. People are inclined to think of the A30 as a road on which they can drive quite fast, but we must all think of local residents and pedestrians and keep to the speed limits. Seeing regular speed monitoring in this area will make people think twice and slow down - and that is good news for road safety and for the people of the village."
David Laws M.P.

"Speed watch is an effective way of reminding all car drivers, including myself, that the first priority for motorists is the welfare and safety of the pedestrians within our communities and I am delighted that we now have a scheme in my own village. It provides a good wake up call to drivers and enables frequent and persistent offenders to be targeted by the Police. As an accident prevention measure it is of proven effectiveness and will undoubtedly increase safety on the A30 which has not got a good track record in this area.”

Ric Pallister - Deputy Leader
South Somerset District Council