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East Chinnock Village History

  • The origin of the name "Chinnock" is uncertain. There is a link with the pre Saxon name "Chunniock" which is possibly an old Celtic description of the natural pastures of the district.  
  • According to Mills, it may be a derivative of Old English cinu "deep valley", or possibly from an old hill name of Celtic origin.  
  • The name appears as "Ciniock" in the Domesday Book which is a derivative of "Cyne" and "Ac" meaning Royal Oak.  
  • Records go back to the year 950 describing East Chinnock as a thriving community with a mill.  

St Mary's Church

The parish church of St. Mary the Virgin can be found to the east of the village beside the A30

This Victorian Ham stone building was once the village school 

The “New” school of 1842 in Carters Lane
from East Chinnock in the 1840s

The Feoffees

Who are they?
What do they do?

Salt Spring 

East Chinnock's Famous Salt Spring 

From The Archives
From The Archives

Farm Trouble

Agricultural Strike at
East Chinnock 

Newspaper clippings from the Western Gazette
East Chinnock Village Echoes

Mrs David from
Eastfield walked
around with a jackdaw
on her shoulder