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History of the Village Hall


In December 1873 it was agreed that instead of enlarging and altering the existing school building near the Church, the possibility of building a completely new School should be explored. To this end it was resolved in February 1874 that a deputation of Feoffees should “wait upon H. Parsons Esq. to make the best arrangements they can with regard to building a new School and Teacher’s House." It was reported to a Vestry meeting on May 4th 1876 that “Mr. Parsons on the part of Lord Portman” was to build a new School Room and Teacher’s House for which the Parish and Charity had to raise £150. In August of that year a meeting of the School Committee, Chairman H. Parsons, appointed the Rev. G. Fletcher as School Correspondent. This "NEW SCHOOL" built on the site of the Hare and Hounds public house is now the Village Hall.


The first proposal for the provision of a Village Hall, using a grant towards the cost from the Charity, was made in 1951 when it was decided to seek the advice of the Feoffees. Their reply is not mentioned until March 1959! They had agreed that such a grant was allowable. Due to falling numbers it was known that the School was scheduled for closure and Notice of Closure by the Local Education Authority was published on 7th September 1963. At an open meeting of Trustees and Parishioners on 8th May 1964 it was unanimously agreed that “the School Building be turned into a Village Hall.” The Village Hall Fund Committee had raised a considerable sum of money to be made available for this conversion and after lengthy negotiations between the Trustees, the Village Hall Committee, the County Education Committee, various Grant Agencies, the local Member of Parliament, the Architect, the Charity Commission and even the Minister of Education, planning permission was given in 1964 and the conversion carried out. On the advice of the Charity Commission an agreement was reached between the Feoffees and the Village Hall Committee for the use of the building as a Village Hall, to be administered and organised by the Committee, while the Trustees retained ownership of the building and responsibility for its structure and external maintenance.

Extract  from "East Chinnock Village Echoes"