Welcome to East Chinnock
The Friends of St. Mary's

St. Mary’s Church has been the principal place of worship in the village for many hundreds of years. While some continue to worship here, many enjoy peace within the building.

Its more modern significance is the wonderful stained glass windows given as a peace gift by Gunther Anton, a former German prisoner of war. The stained glass is admired by all who visit St. Mary’s. The church is open and free to all who wish to visit.
Please help us to maintain this historic hamstone church. Like many such buildings St. Mary’s requires expensive ongoing maintenance to preserve its fabric both for the benefit of today’s community and for future generations.

The Friends of St. Mary’s is a voluntary group formed with the aim of raising funds to help support the costs involved in the upkeep of this wonderful hamstone building. It has outstanding stained glass windows unique to our church.

Some friends are church members, many are not but all want to support and maintain our unique building. 
We would welcome you as a Friend of St. Mary’s on any of the following terms:
    • Individual subscription minimum £5 per annum
    • Family/couple subscription minimum £10 per annum
    • Corporate membership (e.g. school, business or organisation) £25 per annum
    • Individual life membership minimum £100
As a member, you will receive a notice of the AGM and other events arranged from time to time. All ideas for fundraising events are welcome, as are volunteers to help. 
Projects we support:
    • Making the building sound
    • Redecorating of the interior of the church

Examples of fundraising:
    • Concerts in the church
    • Coffee mornings
    • Tea afternoons/Dinners
    • Sale in church of blank greeting cards, notelets and postcards of stained glass window details
How to Become a Friend of St. Mary’s Church
Full Application Form [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 177.08 KB]